We’ve moved!

Exciting news, fam! Our club has shifted to a new spot, and from now on, all our meetings will go down in our brand-new crib.

The new address: Rehlingstraße 9, 79100 Freiburg

We’re hyped about our new spot, you know. Over at Rehlingstraße, we got the chance to set up our own hangout for us young guns. We’re already on it, laying down the basics and stuff.

This move marks a fresh chapter for Rosekids e.V., and we’re stoked to welcome all y’all to our new spot.

Big shoutout to the City of Freiburg, the House of Engagement, our members’ dues, and the cash we pulled in from our CuteCactus Party for making this new place happen.

Of course, we’re gonna throw a dope housewarming bash real soon. We’ll drop the date for that shortly.

A quick tour of the new digs – going up the spiral staircase, on the ground floor, there’s even more space:

Feelin’ it? Then come through! Here’s where to find us and our new spot: We’re looking forward to seeing you!