Rosekids e.V. – the association

Together, we’re strong. We can set up what would be difficult for individuals to do alone!


Active since the 1980s!

The Rosekids subsist since 1987.
In 1997, the association was founded and entered in the register of associations.
Until October 2002, the Rosekids met only on Wednesdays. But since November 2002, the offer has been extended additionally on Friday.

While the Rosekids met only on Wednesdays until October 2002, the existing offer was additionally extended to Fridays from November 2002.
Since then, our meetings take place on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30 pm.

We finance our work mainly through donations, our members and grants from the Stadtjugendring Freiburg.
We also organizes parties – this also brings some money – but means not only work, but also an additional offer for (not only) young LGBTIQ*.
Because our CuteCactus-Party is the only party in Freiburg for LGBTIQ*, which is from 16 years.
Out room rent is fortunately covered by the city of Freiburg.

How does the association Rosekids e.V. work

Our association is organized as follows:

The highest body of the association is – as in almost every association – the general assembly. This takes place at least once per year.
The board, the second highest body of the association, consists of two to five persons, as well as at least one and at most five assessors.
One of the assessors is the treasurer.

The term of office for each board member is separately one year to a maximum of three years.

All five members of the board shall be members of the board within the meaning of Section 26 of the BGB.
Two board members represent the association jointly externally, i.e. judicially and extrajudicially.

Committees may be formed to support the work of the board or to support the association itself. Committees are bound by instructions and support the board and the association through organizational, planning, executive or advisory activities.

I.e. a cottage weekend is prepared by a committee.In our association, there are two cash auditors.

They control how the bodies of the association handle funds and whether the treasurer reliably carries out the tasks assigned to him.

Membership fees are charged for ordinary and sustaining members.
Any natural person under the age of 28 can become an ordinary member.
Minors are exempt from the obligation to pay membership fees.
Natural persons over 27 years of age and legal entities, companies under commercial law, associations, etc. can become supporting members.

However, it is not necessary to be a member of the association to come to the meetings.
The membership is and remains voluntary, even if someone attends every meeting.

Why is it that way – after all, in most other clubs, you have to become a member at some point?

Well, it’s simply because a membership for someone who is not outed could lead to an unwanted outing.
For example, if someone sees their bank statement and it says “Thank you for your membership fee – Rosekids e.V.”.

The person would then be in a predicament: either they renounce the meetings – or they take the risk that others find out about their sexual orientation, although they do not want that and is perhaps afraid of it.

However, we do not want to force anyone to do anything.
Of course, we are happy about new members who support the association financially.
However, money is not everything: equally important are members of the association who are actively involved.
You can reach our team at the following e-mail address: [email protected]