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I don’t care what color parents have. I don’t care if a giraffe lives with a fish. What matters is that children receive appreciation and love from their parents. That’s all that counts.

Patricia Polacco

Coming out of your own child

For some parents, it can be a surprise when their child comes out. Sometimes questions arise:

  • “Should I have known earlier?”
  • “What does this mean for my child in terms of relationships and personal development?”
  • “How can I best support my child on this topic?”
  • “Did I react properly to the coming out?”

Most of these questions can be easily clarified through a calm and supportive conversation. We – the Rosekids – are here to support parents, just like BEFAH. BEFAH is the alliance of parents, friends, and relatives of homosexuals.

Parent initiative BEFAH

There is also a regional group of BEFAH in Freiburg: formed by and for parents to exchange and support each other. In Freiburg, Doris Eisele is the contact person for BEFAH.

You can also get more information every Tuesday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM through the Rosahilfe hotline: +49 761 25161 (Messenger: +49 176 42744953) or through the self-help office number: +49 761 7087515 (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM).

You can reach the Rosekids via phone and WhatsApp at +49 761 769 995 09. (Have WhatsApp installed? Just start a WhatsApp chat or scan the QR code.)


Doris Eisele and/or the Rosekids can also be reached through the following contact form:

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