Get off the grid, come join us – get into real life.


You’re a normal boy or also a normal girl; everything is going as it should, if there wasn’t a little difference:

Your friends are only into the opposite sex… the boys almost all have a girlfriend, the girls all have a boyfriend. Or they are still looking…
But you, even though you are a boy, secretly dream about the cute boy next door?
Do you get goose bumps when you think about the skater boy from your parallel class?
Or the new apprentice makes your pulse race?
Your fellow student is upsetting you with his smile?

Although you are a girl, you dream about the cute neighbor girl?
Your heart is exploding when you see your fellow student?
Butterflies start flying around in your stomach when your classmate gives you a smile?
You think your colleague is so pretty that you get weak knees when you see her?

Then, Rosekids is the right place for you, because we all feel the same way: our boys like boys, our girls like girls!
And some of us like both: boys and girls!

On our pages, we will hopefully offer you a lot of fun and information and show you who we are, where we are, what we do and, and, and, …

… but most of all, what it means to be young, gay, lesbian, bi or queer and to feel comfortable with it!

We, the Rosekids, Freiburg’s queer youth group, hope you enjoy browsing around.