Pride (CSD) Freiburg 2023

Ready for the CSD(ChristopherStreetDay) Pride ChristopherStreetDay LGBTQ+demonstration Prideparade Queerdemonstration Rainbowparade Rainbowdemonstration Freiburg 2023?

Yo, in like two weeks, on Saturday, June 24th, 2023, it’s goin’ down in Freiburg once again with a Christopher Street Day (CSD) celebration (check out Wikipedia for deets on CSD).

You can find all the info about CSD Freiburg, which is goin’ down with the theme “100 Years of CSD Freiburg – Keepin’ It Traditional and Solid,” on the CSD Freiburg website.

And guess what? We’ll be rollin’ through with our own sick truck again. So don’t miss out!

Short facts

The Freiburg Christopher Street Day is right around the corner, my peeps!
Guess what? Rosekids e.V. is rollin’ in with our own sick truck again this year at the CSD. We’ve already made a ton of preparations for it. You can find all the deets about this year’s CSD and the Rosekids CSD truck on this page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the participation requirements and the registration if you wanna join us on our CSD truck.

CSD Freiburg-Timeline

Registration Start: CSD Truck

Starting from June 8th, 2023, you can sign up to ride with us on our truck (form below). Your registration will need to be approved by us.


If you just wanna walk alongside us instead of riding on our truck, like in any other demo, no registration is required.

Thu, June 8th, 2023


During our meetings, we'll be getting things ready for our truck: making signs with slogans, decorations, and whatever else we can come up with.

Fri, June 16st, 2023 & Fri, June 23rd, 2023

Registration Deadline: CSD Truck

To ride with us on our CSD truck, your registration must be received by us no later than Thu, June 22nd, 2023 at 9:00 PM. Your registration will need to be approved by us.


If you prefer to walk alongside us instead of riding on the truck, like in any other demo, no registration is required.

Thu, June 22nd, 2023 at 9:00 PM

Truck Setup

We'll be setting up the truck together, putting up decorations, setting up the music system, and getting everything else ready.


Access wristbands will be distributed here.

Sat, June 24th, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Rosekids premises

Protest March: Christopher Street Day

The protest march kicks off on June 24th, 2023, around 2:00 PM at "Platz der alten Synagoge"(Old Synagogue Square). If you managed to snag a spot on our truck and want to ride from the start, make sure to arrive early enough.

Sat, June 24th, 2023 at 2:00 PM, Platz der alten Synagoge (Old Synagogue Square)

Truck Teardown

Right after the CSD, we'll dismantle the truck at the Rosekids premises.

Sat, June 24th, 2023, after the end of CSD, at the Rosekids premises.

Your Participation

Wanna join our ride at CSD Freiburg 2023?

We wanna make sure that the work around the CSD float is evenly distributed, ya know? That’s why signing up before the CSD and lending a hand with setup/breakdown/float angels (demonstration coordinators) is necessary. You can find the registration form down below on this page.

And yo, make sure to check out our participation conditions, no doubt. You’ll find them a bit further down on this page.

On the day of the CSD, all registered peeps will get a sick bracelet from us. That’s your entry pass to our float. People without bracelets ain’t allowed on our float, so keep that in mind.

But hey, if you ain’t feelin’ the float and just wanna march in the demo, you don’t need a bracelet, cool?

The deadline for registration is already Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 9:00 PM (!). So don’t sleep on it!

Our Truck

Yo, big shoutout to the trucking company for hooking us up with our float once again this year – much love!

Just like last year, we’ll be rollin’ with a badass 12-ton truck at CSD Freiburg. And guess what? We’ve already got a sick driver lined up for that, no worries.

We made sure to get a super experienced truck driver on board, who also knows a thing or two about parades. Props to Alf & Darren, y’all rock!

The theme of this year’s CSD is “100 Years of CSD Freiburg – keeping it traditional and rock solid.” As for our float theme, we’re still working on it – we’ll update ya on that later. Stay tuned!

"Terms and conditions Rules of participation"

Yo, check out our terms and conditions, fam:

  • To participate in the Rosekids e.V. CSD float, you gotta sign up and get involved in two areas (setup, teardown, float angels [demo organizers]) – all about that CSD float action. Like, you could help with setup and do a float angel shift.
  • Your registration must reach us by June 22, 2023, 9:00 PM. It has to be approved by the organization. We reserve the right to reject registrations for the Rosekids CSD float without giving any reasons, ya feel me?
  • If you sign up and then bail on us (like, missing your shift without an excuse), we might reject your future registrations for our CSD float for the next 3 years. We’re totally dependent on reliable support, so don’t leave us hangin’.
  • The ‘access pass’ to our CSD float is the Rosekids e.V. wristband. We hand ’em out during setup. The wristband remains the property of the organization until the end of the CSD demonstration. Under no circumstances does accepting your registration or helping out give you a legal claim to ride the float. No wristband, no floatin’.
  • We reserve the right to not issue the ‘access pass’ (yeah, the wristband) on a case-by-case basis. The board team or a float organizer can also take back the wristband at any time without giving reasons. In such a case, you gotta return the wristband pronto ’cause it belongs to us. If you’re already on the float in that situation, you gotta bounce immediately. Once the wristband is taken back, your permission to be (or get back) on the float is null and void.
    • For instance, if you behave in a way that endangers others or yourself, including excessive alcohol consumption and/or aggressive behavior.
  • Alcohol consumption during the demonstration/parade on our float is allowed in moderation, within the age limits of the youth protection law (meaning: no alcohol for those under 16).
    • Alcohol consumption during setup/teardown is not allowed.
    • ‘Hard liquor’ (like shots, vodka, anything strong, you know) is strictly prohibited on the truck throughout the whole time.
  • The safety area is marked by a rope/band around the truck and is maintained by the so-called ‘float angels’ (demo organizers).
    • You can only enter the safety area, including the truck, with proper footwear (so, like, wear shoes and not flip-flops or anything, ya dig?).
    • Stay in the safety area for as short a time as possible (like, only when getting on or off the truck, for example).
    • You can only enter or leave the truck when it’s not moving. While the truck is in motion, no getting on or off, my friend.
    • For safety reasons, it’s not allowed to stay on the truck loading ramp.
  • The tech area is around the music system and the generator. It’s marked by a band.
    • For safety reasons, only board members or technicians are allowed in the tech area.
    • Basically, only technicians and authorized board members can operate the tech stuff.
    • Watch out near the generator; it’s hot, so you could get burned. Keep a safe distance, alright?
  • We recommend liability and accident insurance for every participant, yo.
  • There’s gonna be loud noise on the truck due to the generator and the music. Hearing damage doesn’t heal, it stays with you for life. So, it’s hella important to wear ear protection, no joke.
  • We’ll be using a fog machine on the truck. If you can’t handle that kind of fog, you might wanna skip joining us on the float.
  • When it’s sunny, make sure to protect yourself from the sun. Sunburns, especially on your face, are not cool. So, bring some high SPF sunscreen/spray and sunglasses.
  • When it’s hot, stay hydrated, my friend. We got plenty of water on board. It’s free for you!
  • You gotta follow the instructions of the board team and the organizers, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    Your registration for CSD 2023Join us on our Pride Parade float! Fill out the form and send it in.

    1Personal information
    We need a few details from you...

    2I'm volunteering for... Please select at least 2 tasks.
    We can't do it without volunteers! Please choose at least two tasks you'd like to help with.

    Areas of tasks:
    3Consent forms
    4Spam Protection
    5Send it!
    Got everything filled out? You can now submit the form. Just keep in mind that by sending it, you're expressing your interest in helping out and riding with us on our CSD float (awesome offer). To make your registration official, we'll need to confirm it (acceptance). Please note that the number of available spots is limited. We reserve the right to reject your registration.