Our meetings

What are you doing, Rosekids?

We – that means: teenagers and young adults up to and including 27 – meet twice a week: Wednesdays & Fridays – always from 7:30 pm until at least 10 pm – but most of the time we are there longer. But there is no guarantee, that we are still there after 10 pm.
Which possibilities there are to attend the meetings, you can find under “Newcomer?!”.
Basically: just drop by you don’t have to register.

Meetings during school vacation and legal holidays

There is no special program at the meetings of our youth group.
Unless we announce it under news (→ homepage).
The meetings always take place, even during school vacations and legal holidays; unless it says something else on the homepage.

With us, anyone can talk to anyone, have something to eat and drink, just chill, play something, etc.
You can come and go whenever you want.
There is no obligation to attend every meeting.
Everything is voluntary – so there are no attendance lists or anything like that.
And: the meetings are of course completely free of charge.

After the meetings, we sometimes go out together in the nightlife of Freiburg, of course just those who want to.

Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Pan? Queer?

Rosekids may be legally called a “gay and lesbian youth group“ – but that doesn’t mean we exclude any particular sexual orientation.

So that means: no matter what you are, come along if you want to!
(And often, at some point in life, you don’t even know yourself 100% which sexual orientation you have or whether what you thought so far is still right.)

Age limit? Average age? How many teenagers & young adults attend?

We don’t have a lower age limit. When you come to the meeting for the first time, you should not be older than 27 years.

Our meetings are open to all youth & young adults. Meetings are held every Wednesday and Friday, staring at 7:30 pm. Our group is divers in terms of age: 14- to 16-years-olds are there as well as 17- to 20-year-olds; there are also 25 year olds.
The most important thing is: despite any age differences, everyone gets along well.

Between fifteen and thirty boys and girls regularly attend the meetings; sometimes more, sometimes less.

More information about the Rosekids meetings?

You want more information?

Just send us a message via WhatsApp – also outside the meeting times: +49 761 76999509 (WA needs to be installed!)

Other ways to contact us:
You can use our contact form or just send us an email to [email protected].
You can also contact us via our Instagram or Facebook page or our Twitter profile.
We also have a profile on DBNA, You2You and Romeo and you can contact us via Tellonym anonymously, too!

If you’ve contacted us before, it surely will be easier for you to come to us.
If you have any questions about coming our or need help, you can also get support from us (read more under Coming Out).